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34 Smith Street
Warragul, VIC, 3820


The Colours are Brighter is children’s store in Warragul, showcasing whimsical and fun clothing, accesories, decor, toys, books for babies, children, tweens and teens.  

Credit for Colours

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Every 10 minutes, 6 tonnes of clothing goes into Australian Landfills*.

The challenge to counter this growing waste seems insurmountable. And in a small way our little store is part of a big global problem.

Trying to make a difference when and where we can is something we all can do. This project is our something.

"Why Credit for Colours?" - Michelle explains

We have faith in the brands we sell and are happy to see them again. To help encourage reduction, reuse, repair and re-wear, we are going to buy back the clothes we’ve sold you.

We hope this incentive will give you a little bonus for your loyalty and responsible reuse of clothing

We're calling it Credit for Colours! 

So how does it work? 

1. Bring back any outgrown or excess clothing from brands we stock at The Colours are Brighter and one of our lovely staff will asses the items for re-sale.
2. We will give you store credit towards your next purchase. (How much? Generally about 15% of the item’s retail value.)
3. Your previously loved clothes will be re-sold in-store at an accessible price so they can be loved and re-worn again. 

NEED TO KNOW MORE - Credit for Colours FAQs

Why Credit for Colours?

By Michelle Cann, owner of The Colours are Brighter

Every 10 minutes, 6 tonnes of clothing goes into Australian Landfills*.

At the rate our little ones grow, kids clothing is one of the worst offenders for creating waste, especially now that we live in an age of cheap, fast, disposable fashion.

Full disclosure, I am not immune to the lure of a $5.00 t-shirt, especially when our budget feels pinched and I know the kiddo is going to outgrow/trash it faster than you can spend that fiver. But, when I consider the real cost of that super cheap tee and what it represents in the big picture - the cost to the people that made it and the impact to our environment - it makes me feel a bit icky. #allthemumguilt


But we're not here to tell you off, or to take the fun out of kids clothes shopping. We know it's a joy to choose something fabulous for your little loved one, a tonne more fun than grown-up shopping. Heck, that was the lure of setting up this store in the first place!

We’re just aware that our little store is part of a big global problem and we’d like your help to do something about it. Fashion is getting cheaper and faster. 'The world now consumes about 80 billion new pieces of clothing every year. This is 400% more than the amount we consumed just two decades ago'.** Let’s. Slow. Things. Down.

It makes sense that purchasing less, purchasing natural fibres which will break down over time, and handing down well made quality clothes so they can be worn again and again and again helps break the cycle of waste. We know that our clothes cost more, but they are built with heart, built to last, and we think this initiative will allow our little articles to live their lives to the full!

**Baptist World Aid Australia (16 April 2015). the truth behind the barcode: Australian Fashion Report 2015. Gershon Nimbalker, Jasmin Mawson, Claire Cremen, Haley Wrinkle and Elin Eriksson.


We want to be transparent. Here’s what we imagine you want to know.

What are we going to do with the clothes?
Assess them and resell them on our pre-loved rack at an affordable price, or donate them to Olivia’s Place to support local families in need. Eventually we hope to work with local makers to repair, up-cycle and re-purpose garments as well. 

Whats in it for us?
Re-selling pre-loved clothes will provide us a small income stream and a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Do I need proof of purchase to claim my credit?
No, but the clothing must be a currently stocked brand sizes 00000 to 8yrs

What clothes and brands will you accept? 
All items of clothing, with the exception of socks, bibs and swimwear from the following brands:

  • Anarkid

  • Bebe

  • Designer Kidz

  • Dukes & Duchesses

  • Hux Baby

  • Korango 

  • Little Horn

  • Love to Dream

  • Milky

  • Milk & Masuki

  • Mini MNT

  • Minti

  • Peggy

  • Purebaby

  • Rock Your Baby

  • Rock Your Kid

  • Salt Water Sandals

  • Sun San Sandals

  • Toshi

  • Wheat

  • Wilson + Frenchy

How much will you give me for my kid’s old stuff?
Good question we can’t individually price every item but you will receive on average 15% of the full retail purchase price as a credit

For the return of re-saleable clothing we will offer the following credits to your account:

Buyback Table for web.png

Can I exchange for cash?
No we will provide you with credit to use in-store on new or pre-loved clothes. You can use it straight away or accumulate it to use later.

Terms & Conditions

  • Clothing Condition: Clothes must be in clean, wearable condition. Clothing with significant stains or damage may incur a lesser credit at the discretion of our staff or management. (Items with major damage/staining will receive only 50% of the available rebate.)

  • Right to refuse: If an item is in unwearable condition,  i.e, damaged beyond repair, has a significant odour or stain it may be refused at the discretion of staff member.

  • Exchange for Cash:  Items can only be exchanged for store credit. No cash payments will be offered.

  • Discontinued Brands: only brands currently in stock will be accepted.

  • Swimwear shoes, socks, toys, bibs, hair accessories, except for Saltwater sandals:  will not be accepted as part of the buy-back project.